Educated Runner Audio Blog #4: Recovery in COVID-19 times part

In this fourth episode I go into detais about the recovery tips I discussed with Eoin Flynn on the 2nd episode of the Trail Running Ireland podcast.

We talk about:

– What is recovery really?
– How do we know what recovery activities to prioritise?
– What are some good examples particularly relevant to our current COVID-19 lockdown?

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Penfold’s recovery pyramid…very-management/…r-dr-marc-bubbs/

The Power of When (quiz):
Circadean rhythms and athletic performance:
Parasympathetic nervous system and recovery:…ic-nervous-system/
Vagal tone: the performance biohack for athletes:…Hack-for-Athletes

Sunlight and circadean biology…ght-and-sleep

Genetics of recovery


Reviews of recovery methods in scientific literature…40279-013-0083-4…68867319300379…Reports.pdf…rcice_physique…guide-recovery

Schumann resonance and health…nce-therapy/…Researcher-Jack-K

Wim Hof Method

Exercise programs
Functional patterns: jhgadftqwuihxsa2135987courseone.functionalpatterns.c…
Anatomy in Motion:…Vh07JZylWrKraRc

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