Educated Runner audio blog #1

For all the harm this crisis has done, the cancellation of various races and holidays I was due to organise has allowed me to catch up on work a bit even as I work half-time (looking after the kids the other half of the day).

This means moving forward so long-overdue projects including audio/video content for The Educated Runner. I jumped on the new Trail Running Ireland Podcast with Eoin Flynn over the weekend and it was natural to dedicate a follow-up audio-blog to the topic we skimmed during my 10-15 minute segment on that show.

You can find that follow-on above – future instalments will branch out significantly and won’t be limited to expanding on topics discussed on the Trail Running Ireland podcast.

The references mentioned in the audio blog are below:


The Open Window theory

Study on Wim Hof Method and the immune system:

 (note: Wim Hof Method and many other online course providers are handing out COVID-19 discounts right now)

vitamin C and immune function

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency and immune function (Scottish government recommends it before lockdown)

Vitamin D synthesis from sunshine

Vitamin D and sunscreen

Optimal exercise window for Vitamin D synthesis

Vitamin D3/K2 dynamic

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